DJ PA (Jim Thorpe) | Soldiers’ Wedding Recap for Veteran’s Day


Nov 11, 2013 0 Comments

Last month we had the honor of entertaining at Joshua and Amanda’s wedding ceremony and reception.  What made being part of their big day a real privilege is that both Joshua and Amanda are active military soldiers, both of whom served in the war zone.  Amanda had been stateside a few months while stationed in Texas, but Joshua only recently returned from Afghanistan.

Best Wedding DJ PA Poconos Military Soldiers Ceremony and Reception

Amanda & Joshua, October 13, 2013 @ Mauch Chunk Ballroom in Jim Thorpe

When we heard about their military service and their need for entertainment from Tara, the coordinator at the historic Mauch Chunk Ballroom in Jim Thorpe, PA, we offered our best price and willingness to work with their lack of availability to meet face-to-face due to their assignments. We were able to accommodate a planning meeting only a few days before their big day, instead of the typical 3-5 months in advance. Having our questions answered with “No Sir.” and “Yes Sir.” and having the ceremony starting at “16:30” with other military time references was a welcome change from the typical meeting conversation. But the most thought provoking detail was the guest list. It was smaller than most weddings because most of Joshua and Amanda’s friendships have been formed while serving our great country, and those friends that are still serving do not get the luxury, many of us take for granted, to have a day off to attend a friend’s wedding. But even that doesn’t compare to the 18 friends of theirs that gave the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedom. In remembrance of the fallen soldiers, they had a small table with a framed script explaining the symbolic items included in the powerful display. Photos of the table and the framed script can be seen below.

Fallen Soldiers Tribute | Best Wedding DJ PA Poconos | DJ JIMBO ENTERTAINMENT

The Fallen Soldiers Table at Amanda and Joshua’s wedding

Best Wedding DJ PA (Jim Thorpe) Tribute to Fallen Soliders

Description of symbolic items at Fallen Soldiers Table

What better day to share this experience than on today, Veteran’s Day. We thank all those who served and are serving. We are grateful that we were part of Joshua and Amanda’s wedding day a few weeks ago. After reading this, we hope everyone is more appreciative of the men and women defending our freedom and the sacrifices they make. Here at DJ JIMBO ENTERTAINMENT, we know we are.