Erin & Brian’s Wedding

DJ JIMBO did a great job with our wedding reception! From the planning meeting where he gave us suggestions for songs to play as well as brought things to mind we hadn’t thought of and timing of the reception, to the actual event itself. Little touches I didn’t even think of, like giving my best friend and her husband a shout out for getting my husband and I together. He does the little things right… he got the names of our bridal party members pronounced correctly (and we had a few odd ones), which I’ve rarely heard at receptions, kept guests informed of things like the bar closing over dinner. We gave him an idea of our song preferences and he matched them with what he played at the reception perfectly, took guest requests. He’s laid back and comfortable on the mic. And the biggest praise I could offer is that Jim kept our guests on the dance floor the entire reception! I mean, he diverted attention during parent dances and cake cutting, but otherwise, there were no awkward attempts at getting people up to dance. We went to a wedding 3 weeks later and my husband and I, as newlyweds, wanted to dance together, but we were the only adult couple… the only few other people on the dance floor were kids. That DJ played hardly any slow songs and often played strange tempo… no quite fast, not quite slow… songs. So when you have that comparison just 3 weeks later, makes you all the more aware of what a great DJ we had!




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