Sarah & Andrew’s Wedding

Jim was great to work with. He was extremely organized and worked well with our venue site. Everything was perfect. We were able to change songs last minute and he kept us on track the whole night so we didn’t miss anything. He accepted song requests all night and even kept track of the songs we didn’t want [to be] played. I wanted the night to end in a big dance party and that’s exactly what Jim made happen. We even choose his wife as our officiant and they worked extremely well together. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone looking for an amazing DJ.




DJ-JIMBO-ENTERTAINMENT-Sarah-Andrew-Wedding-Testimony-07 DJ-JIMBO-ENTERTAINMENT-Sarah-Andrew-Wedding-Testimony-05


DJ-JIMBO-ENTERTAINMENT-Sarah-Andrew-Wedding-Testimony-06 DJ-JIMBO-ENTERTAINMENT-Sarah-Andrew-Wedding-Testimony-19 DJ-JIMBO-ENTERTAINMENT-Sarah-Andrew-Wedding-Testimony-20


DJ-JIMBO-ENTERTAINMENT-Sarah-Andrew-Wedding-Testimony-17 DJ-JIMBO-ENTERTAINMENT-Sarah-Andrew-Wedding-Testimony-16 DJ-JIMBO-ENTERTAINMENT-Sarah-Andrew-Wedding-Testimony-18


DJ-JIMBO-ENTERTAINMENT-Sarah-Andrew-Wedding-Testimony-15 DJ-JIMBO-ENTERTAINMENT-Sarah-Andrew-Wedding-Testimony-14





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