What makes DJ JIMBO ENTERTAINMENT ‘the best?’

DJ JIMBO offers a unique combinations of professional experience, state-of-the-art equipment, knowledge of music, passion for your event, and affordable rates! Together we know we can offer you the BEST services for your special events!

How long has DJ JIMBO been in business?

DJ JIMBO has been providing entertainment services since the 1990s.

What forms of payment does DJ JIMBO ENTERTAINMENT accept?

Cash, checks and money orders are accepted and they are our preferred methods of payment. We also accept most major credit cards. Please let us know ahead of time if you wish to pay by credit card.

I don’t see my venue (or location) listed on the website. Can I hire DJ JIMBO for my event?

YES! The venues and locations listed on our website are a sampling of some of the MANY places we service.

What is DJ JIMBO’s definition of ‘Lehigh Valley?’

“Lehigh Valley” includes all of Lehigh County; all of Northampton County (EXCEPT Lower Mount Bethel, Upper Mount Bethel, and Washington townships); and Maxatawny Township (Berks County) and Longswamp Township (Berks County). Venues or locations that have a physical address outside of “Lehigh Valley” will be charged $25 per every 1/2 hour increment of travel time to/from venue and/or event location. Any meetings required by DJ JIMBO clients outside of this definition of “Lehigh Valley” will also be charged $25 per every 1/2 hour increment of travel time to/from the designated meeting location. Travel time will be determined through Google Maps with DorneyPark (Allentown, PA) as the starting location. In instances where Google Maps provides more than one time estimate, DJ JIMBO ENTERTAINMENT will choose the route they deem most effective and safe for the delivery of DJ JIMBO personnel and equipment.

How far in advance should I/we book our date with DJ JIMBO?

It depends on the type of event. Typically weddings, large scale events and any highly planned events should be booked at least 9 to 12 months in advance. Other types of events (i.e. birthday parties, graduation parties, baby showers, retirement parties) are often booked within 3-6 months of the actual event date. For ALL functions it is important to remember the earlier you book with us, the more likely we will have those days/times available. Once we receive the deposit your date and event are LOCKED IN!

What type of insurance does DJ JIMBO hold?

DJ JIMBO carries liability insurance underwritten by Penn Patriot Insurance Company. Please let us know ahead of time if your venue requires a copy of our insurance binder, as we would be happy to fax or email it to you.

Does DJ JIMBO charge any setup, tear down, or load-in fees?

No! Absolutely not! DJ JIMBO does not charge these additional fees! Our logic is simple. All of our events naturally require setup and tear down time. Why should YOU have to pay any additional costs?

Can I/we request specific songs to be played at our event?

Absolutely! DJ JIMBO works hard to help “personalize” your special events and we want to tailor your event to respect your musical tastes and/or the tastes of your guest(s) of honor. We work with you to establish the songs you want to hear, the songs you do NOT want played and we are our mindful of those events that typically require clean “radio edits” only.

It is also important to remember when you hire DJ JIMBO ENTERTAINMENT you are hiring an a DJ with exceptional skills and professional expertise. We know how to read a crowd and we know how to offer the music that keeps ALL of your guests happy! In our experience, clients that work with us to help personalize their events with “some” song suggestions are not disappointed, but those who request most (or all) of the songs played at their event almost always regret doing so.

Important exceptions to this guideline would be events such as political rallies, fashion shows or those type of events that naturally require COMPLETE song selection by event planners.


Will you play song requests made by guests at my event and, if yes, how is this done?

This is up to YOU. If you wish to allow requests from your guests the DJ will accept these requests verbally or on a provided clipboard. The DJ will decide if and when the request is played. Some song requests from guests are absolutely accurate and appropriate to your vision for the event. Others are often totally ridiculous or simply not appropriate to your master plan for the event. Still others may be songs you specifically asked to NOT be played. Our face-to-face consultation meeting (available in many of our packages) allow us to discuss these matters together. It is also appropriate to inform us during the actual event if you wish for certain songs or artists not be played. DJ JIMBO ENTERTAINMENT will only play clean radio edits in the presence of young children.

Can I/we see DJ JIMBO ‘in action’ at an event and prior to deciding whether or not to hire you?

As matter of policy we will never invite strangers to your private event and we also, therefore, are not able to invite you to another person’s private event. We do offer you various testimonies, photos and videos regarding the DJ services we have provided clients in the past and these elements are available on our website and on our social media profiles. As many of our clients are (appropriately!) suspicious about any entertainment company that attempts to win them over with excessively flashy website showcases, YouTube videos, etc. DJ JIMBO works hard to help you to simply get to know us, our services, our highly-valued reputation, our expertise and our great rates! We invite you to sit down with us and interview us for your special event. We are confident you’ll be impressed with all that DJ JIMBO can offer you and we believe this time together will help you to get a feel for our professionalism, skills, knowledge, passion and expertise.

What if the equipment breaks during my event?

DJ JIMBO always brings backup equipment to your event and we worry about “what if?” so you won’t have to! Information about our backup equipment will even be outlined in your contract.

What kind of deposit does DJ JIMBO require?

For weddings or events scheduled over 6 months in advance, DJ JIMBO requires a non-refundable $200 deposit to lock in a date and to provide a signed contract. During you face-to-face consultation meeting, 50% of the total cost (less the $200 deposit) will be due. The remaining balance is due at the event and, as a courtesy, consideration should be made to pay balance before the event begins. We know that many event planners have social responsibilities throughout the event and payment before the event allows the DJ to perform the services, pack up and be able to leave without having to interrupt your valuable time with your guests.

For birthday parties, or events scheduled less than 6 months in advance, 50% of the total cost is due with the signed contract and the remaining 50% is due at the event. Again, consideration should be made to pay balance before the event begins.

If any DJ JIMBO client prefers, events can be paid in full any time prior to the event. If the payment is being mailed, it must be received at least 2 business days prior to the event.

Does DJ JIMBO charge extra for MC/Master of Ceremony services?

Absolutely not! Our master of ceremony services are part of all of our DJ JIMBO packages!

If we need to cancel our event, when is the latest we should contact DJ JIMBO?

The answer to this question involves a number of factors. Please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the specifics for your event. In most scenarios -and as is in the case for all types of service industries that require deposits – you should assume your deposit to “lock in” your date means a loss of potential opportunity for DJ JIMBO to serve other clients and is, therefore, non-refundable.