If your organization is looking for a fun, exciting fundraising idea, horse racing may be right for you! Many of these events are able to raise over $1,000 in one night! DJ JIMBO can emcee the event and we can even supply all the necessary A/V equipment to host the event at your venue (fire house, reception hall, etc). Your organization will need to provide support to plan & run the event.

Allow our experience to make your first year running the event a HUGE SUCCESS!

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DJ Jimbo can…
*Meet with your organization to review the format of the event and what volunteers are needed
*Share ways that you can maximize your revenue at the event
*Provide the necessary audio and video equipment to run the event, including a digital projector if the venue does not have one, or needs a second one.
*Provide background music if you are serving a meal and between races (You can choose the genre ahead of time, but specific song requests will not be accepted at the event).
*Provide a computer program to make calculating the odds easier.
*MC the entire event, including supplying a laptop to display odds and other relative information.
*Take photos of the winners and print them out on location, so they get an instant souvenir.

Your organization will need to…
*Purchase the horse racing kit Visit We can suggest which kit is best for your needs.
*Make sure the event does not violate any local laws. The kit will include guidelines for you.
*Form a committee to organize the event
*Plan the meal (if you are serving one) or snacks/drinks.
*Secure a venue large enough for the event
*Advertise the event. The more guests in attendance, the more revenue you can generate. We suggest a minimum of 100 guests.
*Create and print programs for the event (I can provide suggestions & a template for this)
*Include volunteers. Eight people (not including food service) are typcially needed.

Our costs for horse racing event services…
Pricing for a 10 race event starts at $300 and includes most of the equipment and all necessary prep, set-up, and removal time. Cost can vary based on your particular needs (use of our digital projector; additional marketing consultation; traveling distance outside of our billing definition of Lehigh Valley; planning meetings and length of the event (dinner followed by 10 races typically takes 4 hours). Please contact us through our Request FREE Quote form by clicking on the Request FREE Quote button below and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote!

DJ JIMBO ENTERTAINMENT serves the Lehigh Valley area, Eastern PA, Central PA, Western NJ and beyond!

No matter what your event, we know you want Music for the Moments that Matter!